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Suspicious Claims are on the Rise...And Your Rates are Going Up

Car accidents are supposed to be that - unplanned collisions. But some scammers stage accidents to get the claims money paid out by carriers, which is causing an increase in suspicious claims, driving up everyone's auto insurance rates. Two examples are the "Swoop and Squat" and the "Drive Down." "For us on the West Coast, we are seeing a tremendous number of new techniques to pull off staged accidents," says attorney Frank Darras, of DarrasLaw in Ontario, Calif. "There are various kinds, like

Should you get married? Not before talking about this

Should you tie the knot? Financial reasons why marriage might be a misstep Mike Lynch watched his just-married best friend tear up as he accepted an envelope from his new father-in-law. The envelope contained the student loan paperwork for his new wife's debt. While the gesture was tinged with humor, Lynch, vice president of strategic markets at money management firm Hartford Funds, thought it was a smart move. "When you're married, you're both responsible for debts," he said. "Anytime you ad
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Why Do Some Guitarists’ Fingers Smell Like Garlic?

It’s tough to be a cool guitarist when your fingers smell like garlic. It sounds odd, but a profusion of players have reported a stinky, garlic-like odor wafting from their fingers when they finish playing. What the heck is going on? First, this is a real problem—especially in warm weather. Sweaty palms and even sweaty backs of the hands may be familiar, but some people also experience sweaty fingers. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two sweat gland formations are the same, and some fi
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Why It’s Time to Snap Up a Good Used Car

If you dream of finding a nice used — but not abused — car at a reasonable price, it is just about time for you to shop. Auto dealers expect a flood of used cars­ – about 800,000 – to come into dealerships this year as a record number of leases mature, according to NADA Used Car Guide, a Division of J.D. Power. The influx of such “pre-owned” cars – adding about 33 percent to what is currently available — is expected to continue through 2018.

Do you need gap insurance for your new car?

Average new vehicle finance terms have been steadily rising over time. Experian Automotive reports the average new-car loan lasts 66 months, with a loan balance topping $28,000. Seven-year loans aren’t uncommon, and major lenders such as Ally Financial and Toyota’s lending arm now make 84-month loans. "During the last 10 to 12 years, people have been encouraged to finance cars in different ways. The manufacturers are straining to get people into cars and that has resulted in a whole bunch of t

Jobs that make finding life insurance difficult

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be fishermen, pilots or roofers -- at least if you want them to find reasonably priced life insurance. Some professionals, such as bomb disposal experts, should expect that their job is going to make it difficult to buy life insurance. (It’s just one of the hazards of having a job with a deadly weapon in its name.) But other workers may have no idea that their profession is deemed high-risk by insurance companies. “The truth is consumers don’t think they

An Audacious Dancer’s Apache-Navajo Mashup—and the Outcry that Followed | Narratively | Human stories, boldly told.

First you hear the war whoops. Then you see the headdresses, rising two, three feet or higher above the black, masked faces of the Native American men that have commandeered an intersection in the center of Globe, Arizona. Some passersby seem understandably unnerved when they happen upon the display in this sleepy city, home to about 7,000 people. On any other day, travelers through the southwest desert might overlook Globe as just a stop on a greater itinerary. But the stomping, swaying, pain

Jumping Back Into Your Professional Game After Career Break

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced plans to work through her current pregnancy—with twins, no less!—some women saw it as confirmation that non-stop “leaning in” is the only the only viable path to high-level success. But here’s another top-performing female role model to consider: Serena Williams. Williams has been dominating headlines during this year’s US Open and stoking excitement as she makes a run at a calendar-year Grand Slam (winning all four major tournaments in a single year)—a f