How Much a Ticket Might Hike Your Car Insurance Rate — and What to Do About It

Traffic violations can raise the cost of your insurance coverage — but it's not entirely out of your hands. The lights flash, the siren sounds, and you’re pulled over by the side of the road as a police officer writes you a ticket. How embarrassing — and potentially expensive! First, there’s the cost of the actual ticket, of course — and that initial expense varies widely, depending on the state and the driving violation. However, from reckless driving to not wearing your seat belt, the ticket

Do You Need Gap Insurance for Your New Car?

The federal government is open, the economy is starting to recover, and auto dealers are offering terrific incentives. Now's the time for you to buy that hot new car you've had your eye on, right? Maybe, but you might need to consider special auto insurance that will protect your vehicle if you do. Although the U.S. economy has still not fully emerged from the recession, average new vehicle finance terms have been steadily rising over time, which means you have a longer time to pay off your deb

Which Used Chevrolet Tahoe Should I Buy?

Used Tahoe Buying Guide The Chevrolet Tahoe is akin to the brainy high school football hero who gets the job done right while barely breaking a sweat. Now in its fourth generation, the Chevy Tahoe consistently takes a top spot on many critics’ lists, including ours. The 2016 model grabbed the top spot in our large SUV rankings. The prior year’s model was a finalist in the field of competitive SUVs, and the 2014 and 2013 models grabbed the top spots on our lists of affordable SUVs.

How to clean car wheels | Mobil™ Motor Oils

Car wheels, often made up of an aluminum or magnesium alloy, are what serve to hold the tire. On some cars, a plastic wheel cover or hubcap is affixed to the wheel itself. Both require cleaning to keep up appearances. And your car’s wheels take some of the heaviest abuse on your car, generally needing much more care than is provided. That’s one reason many relatively new cars have dull, dusty wheels. If you spend a little time and money maintaining your car’s wheels, then they’ll have that new-c

Love The Ride You're With

ARE YOU longing for a new ride? Check your driveway. The car you once proudly drove home can be restored to showroom quality. The following tips from a panel of auto experts and enthusiasts can help you get the process started. Deep cleaning. A great ;rst step in sprucing up your car is a meticulous hand-wash and wax, says Costco member O.J. Lopez, owner of Fluid MotorUnion, an automotive repair and performance service (, in Naper-ville, Illinois. You can do it yourself wit

Start Your Engines

FEATURES: A three-bay garage with 10-foot ceilings in two of the bays and a 12-foot ceiling in what is now his car-lift bay for light auto maintenance, such as changing oil and rotating tires. FEATURES: Two professional-grade lifts, an air compressor hose and plenty of storage for tools and car-related memorabilia. It’s heated, has a flat-screen TV and even sports a wall-mounted urinal for pit stops. The garage draws envy from Foulke’s friends and bemused scorn from his wife, Patricia. “He l

Storing winter tires could offer boost for sales, profits

As you start to consider your winter tire order, keep in mind some dealers are moving toward a new service to boost sales and reinforce customer loyalty: seasonal tire storage. There are no raw data, but anecdotal evidence indicates such storage is growing in popularity among retail auto and tire dealers. "It's a great service for the dealership to offer," Kem Chowbay, retail fleet manager, Performance Acura in St. Catherine's, Ontario, said. "It also becomes a profit center for the dealership

What Are Uber/Lyft Car Requirements? | News from

Have Lyft and Uber advertisements piqued your interest enough that you want to start earning some extra cash? Before you get too excited, take a close look at the vehicle requirements for these ride-hailing services. Your everyday ride might not meet the basic Lyft and Uber requirements, which vary from state to state and city to city. And that's not only true if your ride is a smoke-belching jalopy. Related: Which Car Features Help Uber, Lyft Drivers Get Better Ratings? Lyft and Uber both req

Michelin, Goodyear put products to test in big early-season races

The multi-year agreement replaced a supply deal IMSA had with Continental Tire the Americas L.L.C. since 2010 that ended in 2018. The deal calls for Michelin tires to be on every Prototype and GT Daytona race car competing in the WeatherTech Championship as well as on the companion Michelin Pilot Challenge and IMSA Prototype Challenge series. "We began prep for the 2019 (races) toward the middle or third part of 2017, as soon as we learned of the award (to supply IMSA tires)," Mr. Payne said. "

It's not the money; it's how you make it

The dealership finance manager is one of the most complicated and highest-paid positions in automotive retail. Though a six-figure salary awaits a top F&I manager, so does the pressure to make up for shrinking front-end profit margins and the burden of maintaining compliance standards. As new-vehicle margins melt away, structuring a pay plan that rewards one of the biggest earners in a dealership but still ensures the job is done ethically and legally is one of dealers' greatest challenges, aut

Marvelous Marva

Marva Laws well remembers lobbying her general manager to move from retail automotive sales to finance. She was a top car salesperson at Don White’s Car Center in Dundalk, Md., for more than two years at that point — starting the month she took the job — but hungered for a new challenge. Behind the scenes, she secretly learned the ropes of finance even as she repeatedly grabbed top sales numbers. She was enthusiastic, she was knowledgeable, and she was ready to delve in. And finally, after three requests the dealership’s general manager agreed to move her from showroom sales to finance —but with a caveat. She’d have to take a pay cut.

How vendors avoid overload

"We've had some sign with us based on their pitch, the training goes well, and then we don't see them again," he said. "There's always turnover in business. It's key to follow up with the actual users. Otherwise no one knows the system, we don't get the results, and we drop it." Vendors that have successful partnerships follow the dealerships' lead when it comes to the frequency and style of communication. As F&I product providers become more sophisticated vendors — that prefer the term "partn

Dealers urged to keep eyes open for fraud

Dealers, have your stores ever let enthusiasm for a sale outweigh their desire to complete due diligence on a credit application or follow up on a nagging feeling that "something is not right" about a seemingly perfect deal? If you were lucky, the loan application was approved and payment satisfied. But what about the times the buyer almost immediately defaulted, despite having some of the best income and FICO scores the dealership had seen in weeks, if not months? That may well have been a cas

Hail-Damaged New Cars: Deal or Not?

That big hailstorm hit the new-car lot, too. While your local dealer may offer you a major discount on a hail-damaged car, check with your car insurance agent before shaking hands on the deal. Cosmetic hail damage gives dealers the opportunity to discount prices of those cars and let customers drive away with bargains, says Wayne Phillips, vice president of operations at Alan Jay Automotive Network in Sebring, Fla. "If there was a hailstorm last night, I would already have my dent removal con

20 Driving Tips for a Happy-Holiday Ride

Pop quiz: Do you know more about driving than Indy race car driver Johnny Unser of the Unser Racing Family? It’s a safe bet that most drivers don’t have Unser’s knowledge or skill but still drive in ways he wouldn’t consider. “One of the biggest problems people have is how to control their cars and how to manage their distractions,” says Unser, who is now a technical advisor for Cooper Tire and race director for Pro Mazda. “Obviously the more focused you are, the better your driving. When you’

Working with Gen Y Auto Buyers

F&I manager Stephanie Cooper tells the story of how a pump bottle of hand sanitizer helped her sell an extended warranty to a millennial couple. Cooper looked at the bottle while copying the couple's hand cleaning, remarking how the cleaner destroyed 99.9 percent of germs and wondering aloud about the other 0.1 percent. Within minutes, she had moved the conversation from hand cleaner to parts of the couple's new car not covered under a warranty. The couple bought the extended warranty. "It worke

The 9 Best Websites, Tools and Apps to Save Big on Cars

You can still buy a car the old-fashioned way by visiting dealerships, looking at available inventory and making a deal — or not. But you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you use some of the technology available to you. Then when you walk into a dealership, you’ve done your homework and understand models, features, financing and warranty plans, which makes it so much easier to focus your questions when you’re talking with a salesperson. The deals have become so streamlined that many

Finding Your Best Used Car Bargain

It’s still a golden time to buy a used car thanks in large part to the number of late-model cars, trucks and SUVs that have poured into dealerships due to the end of a large number of lease agreements, according to an analysis by NADA Used Car Guide, a division of J.D. Power. The good news for shoppers is that the glut of gently used cars provides you with an unusually large selection of vehicles from which to choose. Plus many prices are lower than they have been since 2010. But that doesn’t m

Why Used Cars Aren't As Bad As You Think

Do you typically head straight to the new cars when it’s time to buy? You could be spending more money than you need to. Old wives’ tales abound about used cars—that they’re lemons, they don’t have much life left in them, and they’re likely ready for the junkyard—are many times not true. Yes, there are potential downsides to used cars. But there are ways to guard against them. We spoke to experts and compiled a list of the safest ways to shop for used cars as well as some common pitfalls to avo
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