Police Search for Man Who’s Setting Homeless People on Fire

Another horrific attack on a homeless person in San Diego has sent homicide detectives into overdrive. Police say Wednesday's victim suffered "significant injuries" to the upper body before being set on fire. The assault was discovered at about 5:10 AM near the federal courthouse, according to San Diego's NBC 7. The victim, an unidentified 23-year-old man, is reportedly in grave condition. Read More: Daycare Worker Claims She Raped Babies to Please Her Boyfriend "These evil acts of violence

Half of Doctors Who Sexually Abuse Patients Keep Their Licenses, Report Says

A first-time review of records from each US state has found that more than 2,400 physicians were sanctioned for sexually abusing patients. The review, conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, found that about half of those physicians were allowed to keep their licenses after abuse charges were substantiated. "Personally, I am not surprised," attorney Adam Horowitz, who was interviewed for the AJC report, told Broadly. "But I do work in this area and I've seen a lot of women who have expe

Daycare Worker Claims She Raped Babies to Please Her Boyfriend

An Ohio day care worker pleaded guilty to raping four children, allegedly at the urging of her boyfriend, a convicted sex offender. Heather Koon, 27, of Elyria, Ohio, also took obscene photos of the children under her care. Koon pled guilty in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas to four counts each of rape, kidnapping, and pandering obscenity involving a minor, reports the Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram. Koon was 25 when she assaulted the four children, which included a one-year-old and a

Mafia Hit Suspected in Murder of Beloved Brooklyn Pizzeria Owner

The mafia is suspected in the death of the owner of a Brooklyn pizzeria that was once a key site in a mob war. Louis Barbati, 61, was in his Dyker Heights backyard at about 7 PM Thursday evening when a man described as in his 30s and wearing a hoodie fatally shot him five times, according to the New York Daily News. Barbati had $10,000 cash on him at the time of the shooting, which was not taken, the Daily News reported. Barbati was the owner of L&B Spumoni Gardens, which was founded by his It

Woman Survives 11 Hours in Deep Water After Falling Overboard

A 32-year-old Aberdeen, Maryland woman spent last Sunday night fighting to survive in deep water after falling off a boat. Lauren Conner was not wearing a life jacket when she fell from the stern of the boat driven by her boyfriend Steve Johnson through the Chesapeake Bay, reported The Washington Post. Conner, Johnson, and another couple spent most of last Sunday on the Bay, drinking Flying Dog lager and relaxing until shortly before nightfall. Johnson was driving the boat about 40 mph when Con

Trendy Cafe Owners Sue Muslim Women Who Ate at Restaurant for Trespassing

A group of young Muslim women have filed a suit against a trendy California coffeehouse, accusing the employees of discrimination after the women were asked to leave the premises. The café owners have fired back with a countersuit for trespassing and abuse of process, according to Courthouse News. Urth Caffé locations in Southern California are often busy and located in upscale parts of town. In April, seven women, most in their 20s, wearing hijabs, met on the patio—described as an "in demand"

Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted at Clinic, Offered Free Sessions

A woman who sought pain management treatment at a clinic in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, claims a physicians' assistant sexually assaulted her. Penny Garcia claimed in a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Union County Court that during a professional visit to Siouxland Pain Clinic in June 2014, physicians' assistant Nicholas Fernando inserted his finger into her vagina and asked, "How does that make you feel?" according to Courthouse News. When a nurse entered the Sioux Falls-area examination
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Theft Prevention: How to Outsmart a Criminal

Police employ high-tech methods to predict and prevent crime, but you need to do your part, too. That's especially important now that the FBI has released data showing an almost 4 percent increase in violent crime–murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery–between 2014 and 2015. The good news is that violent crime in 2015 was 0.7 percent less than in 2011 and 16.5 percent lower than in 2006. Still, such statistics are little consolation if you are a crime victim. Try these easy, theft-prevent

Crime History: Patty Hearst Kidnapped By The Symbionese Liberation Army

At 9 P.M., on February 4, 1974, heiress Patricia (Patty) Campbell Hearst was kidnapped, starting what the FBI calls “one of the strangest cases in FBI history.” Hearst herself wasn’t well-known to the public, but everyone knew the name of her grandfather, newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, who left a vast fortune to his heirs. In 2016, the Hearst family was worth $28 billion, according to Forbes. The “strangest case” began when there was a knock at the door of the apartment Hearst, an
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