Lindi Ortega On Wonder Woman, Music and Those Little Red Boots

Lindi Ortega  has done her childhood idols—Wonder Woman and a host of traditional country artists—proud. Perhaps it all began about five years ago when she traveled from her native Ontario, Canada to Nashville for a songwriting trip. One of her first stops was at a store where she hoped to find red cowboy boots—red for Wonder Woman and cowboy boots for her love of traditional country. Almost as soon as she and her manager walked into a Nashville store on her birthday, she spotted them. Little d

Celebrities share best hunting, fishing experiences

Away from the spotlight, big names in entertainment find peace and satisfaction as hunters and fishermen. USA TODAY's Hunt & Fish magazine asked some celebrities: What's been your proudest or most satisfying moment in the field or on the water? And what's your favorite or most indispensable piece of hunting gear or fishing tackle? The Academy of Country Music award winner vividly recalls going quail hunting with his dad when he was growing up in Tennessee. They entered into a long tradition o

What Older Workers Can Learn From TV's 'Younger'

If you haven’t yet tuned into the TVLand dramedy Younger, now’s the time to binge watch and soak up the intergenerational work/life lessons mixed within each storyline. Younger is about 40-year-old, recently divorced Liza, who struggles to return to the promising publishing career she left years earlier after marriage and the birth of a daughter. The one-time whiz kid finds the young publishing bosses want to hire other Millennials, not a divorced mom with a daughter close to their age. So Liza

Brantley Gilbert on the Dogs He Donates to Veterans: They Have ‘a Personal Connection’ to Me

“You know 22 veterans commit suicide every day,” said Brantley Gilbert, of an oft-quoted statistic. “The military goes through so much and I’m sitting at home, writing songs. I talked to my wife [Amber Cochran] about it and we really felt we had to do something.” And that’s what they did. Gilbert and Cochran partnered with sponsors including Pedigree brand, Custom Canine Unlimited and the Atlanta Humane Society to place companion dogs with worthy veterans. While some have challenged the suicid

Kendrick Lamar Wasn't The Only Prison-Themed Grammy Nominee

Kendrick Lamar was hailed for his powerful Grammy Award performance that included a faux chain gang of convicts, African tribal dancers and freestyle rap with Trayvon Martin shout-outs. There were some real-life prisoners who were part of the Grammy nominations this year too — inmates from Malawi's Zomba Central Prison, incarcerated for everything from suspected witchcraft to murder. They call their musical group the Zomba Prison Project and their album I Have No Everything Here was up for the

10 Things We Learned Watching Allegiance at The International Spy Museum

If you watched the premiere of Allegiance, NBC’s new spy drama, on Thursday night, you likely wonder what the creators can possibly do to top it. Modern day sex, lies and videotape—not to mention some pretty gnarly torture and a spy-within-a-spy plots—kept us on the edge of our seats when we previewed it at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. Still, questions arise as to whether or not the show, which centers on a 40-something Brooklyn couple (she’s Russian-born, he’s American), is

Winter’s Return: A Guitar Legend Triumphs Once Again ( Revisited)

Yesterday guitar great Johnny Winter passed away yesterday in his hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland. In his memory we share this feature story that ran in our December-January 2010 issue. Photo by Paul Natkin The faithful have lined up in the warm sun on this Saturday afternoon in September, chatting excitedly as they lounge against the outside wall of The Birchmere, a legendary music club in Alexandria, Va., just over the Washington, D.C. border. It’s hours before blues legend Johnny

Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Fairport Convention: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? by Nancy Dunham on May 25, 2012 Chris Leslie is perusing the bookcases in his Banbury, England home, trying to find a volume that tells the story of an 11-year-old orphan. A discussion of the songs that he has contributed to Fairport Convention’s storied catalog since joining the band 14 years ago has prompted him to hunt down a book detailing the life of a young girl who lived in the coastal area of Lyme Regis in Dorset during the early par

A Tattooed, Animal-Loving YouTuber is Teaching Thousands How to Save the Kittens Shelters Can't Help

“I don’t even have a cat,” SummerUnicorn10 commented on a YouTube video posted by Hannah Shaw, aka The Kitten Lady. “Why am I watching this?” The answer ­– the Washington, D.C.-based Shaw proves that even non-cat aficionados (We mean you, YouTube commenter Doug Ingram, who owns three dogs) can find joy in neonatal kitten rescue and care. “I have no doubt this is having an impact,” said Shaw hours after returning from the Miami-Dade area where she hosted workshops for the 2017 Animal Care EXPO

An Audacious Dancer’s Apache-Navajo Mashup—and the Outcry that Followed | Narratively | Human stories, boldly told.

First you hear the war whoops. Then you see the headdresses, rising two, three feet or higher above the black, masked faces of the Native American men that have commandeered an intersection in the center of Globe, Arizona. Some passersby seem understandably unnerved when they happen upon the display in this sleepy city, home to about 7,000 people. On any other day, travelers through the southwest desert might overlook Globe as just a stop on a greater itinerary. But the stomping, swaying, pain

John Oates Launches TV Show Spotlighting Roots Music

Stop by Nashville’s famed Station Inn or another of the city’s iconic venues and you may very well find Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member John Oates playing soulful roots music. Although he’s best known as half of the superstar pop duo Hall & Oates, the New York native has spent more than 30 years carving a place for himself in the Nashville music scene. In addition to playing local showcases, benefit concerts and songwriters’ rounds, Oates has also collaborated with a host of Nashville musicia