E-Learning Courses Great for Post-50 Education

Online courses — free or for a fee — are plentiful. Here are 5 of the top providers The site offers 500-plus courses. Most lectures are about 30 minutes, and courses range from six to 96 lectures (most in the 24-to-36 range). Courses can be purchased as online modules or on DVDs or CDs. Prices generally range from $15 to $230. There's also a subscription plan called the Great Courses Plus (, with access to multiple courses for $19.95 a month or $179.95 annually. Amazon P
The Saturday Evening Post

The Making of an Athlete | The Saturday Evening Post

Whenever I mention kayaking in Hawaii, or whitewater rafting in West Virginia or hiking in Death Valley, people ask if I have always been athletic. My husband Wayne, a very patient person, always lets me respond with whatever half truth pops into my mind – phrases like “dawn workouts” and “endorphin rush” pepper such statements — before he interrupts and I can graciously end by adding “but it’s important to ease into it.” See, I was athletic at one time. Okay, maybe until age 12. Then there wa
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For a Dying Woman, My Mother Sure Knew the Importance of Living

The last time I saw my mom, she was standing on the sidewalk in front of her apartment building, waving as my husband and I drove away. We had stopped for a brief visit with her on our final trip out of my hometown of Rochester, NY, as we made our way to our new life in Washington, DC. I was rushed and grumpy, using those attitudes as shields to conceal the guilt I felt leaving her behind with only a few friends and no family in the area. "Don't be ridiculous. Life is to live," said my mom, us
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How I Lost 100 Pounds At Age 51 And Kept It Off

The massive, wrinkled fat rolls pictured on the Facebook post repulsed me. I blinked hard before I noticed the middle-aged women who had flashed their abdomens for the camera were smiling. And then I saw it—the “fat happens” mantra beneath the photo. My immediate thought was to delete the post. As I kept studying the picture, though, I decided I had to respond. I couldn’t post anything—not even an “LOL”—that might signal agreement with the sentiment, even though a dear friend had shared it. As
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My Mom Pushed Me To Marry The Wrong Guy

My parents and I were sitting at the family dining room table midway through eating my mom's homemade spaghetti dinner when I let out a long sigh as she lobbied me to marry my boyfriend. "Mom, he's not right for me," I whined. "He's not ambitious enough for me. He's not into the same things I am. He's just not right for me." It was her turn to sigh. She never said it, but she likely thought there'd never be anyone "right for me," as far as I was concerned. While my two older sisters were much