Can Street Cats and Stray Cats Become Pets? | petMD

Is there a stray cat hanging out outside your home? Or slowly spending more and more time in your yard? You might very well have been adopted by a local street cat and are now probably asking yourself, “Can you turn a stray cat into a house cat?” Yes, that stray cat or alley cat can become your beloved house cat, but there are some caveats you should consider. First, understand the difference between a stray cat, an alley cat and a feral cat. It’s often impossible to tell at first glance. Both

Can an Indoor Cat Be a Part-Time Outdoor Cat? | petMD

An indoor cat generally has a simpler life than its free-range feline counterpart. It’s no secret that the mean streets—or even fields—hold many dangers for an outdoor cat on its own. An indoor cat doesn’t face the increasing number of cars, toxins, parasites and instances of animal cruelty that a roaming outdoor cat does. That’s why feline experts usually urge owners to keep their cats indoors. But that’s not always easy. “There are some cats that have lived outside. When they’re forced to st

How to Read Cat Behavior to Reduce the Risk of Cat Bites | petMD

The best way to avoid cat bites is to learn the cat behavior signals that indicate that a cat is starting to feel uncomfortable in a particular situation. By understanding your cat’s body language, you can avoid scenarios that create stress and ensure that your relationship with your cat gets stronger and healthier. “Oftentimes, cat aggression and cat biting is caused by miscommunication between species,” said Russell Hartstein, certified pet behaviorist and CEO of FunPawCare in Los Angeles, Ca

Pet Safety Tips for Public Events | petMD

For many dog owners, public events like street and beach festivals definitely make the list of must-do dog activities. But in the rush to share the festivities with your beloved canine, you want to make sure that pet safety doesn’t take a back seat to fun. “My feeling about taking your dog to a street festival is the same as taking your dog to a dog park,” says Dr. Jeff Werber, DVM in Los Angeles. “The most important thing is that the dog is okay with people and with other dogs.” If he’s not,

Halloween Decor That's Hazardous for Pets | petMD

The Halloween decor you choose for your party is more important than you think. Even though this holiday doesn’t involve turkey bones, toxic plants and other obvious pet hazards, it still presents plenty of pet safety issues. Here are a few Halloween safety hazards to avoid when decorating so your four-legged friends can enjoy the holiday, too. Tables full of candy corn, chocolates, giant gum “eyeballs” and other sweets are all part of the Halloween tradition. Centerpieces created with candy,

Abused Dog Transformed By Training

Wednesday, July 12, is just a normal day for many, but not for Remo the mixed breed dog.​ Today, he graduated with a doggy education Ph.D., and “Top Dog” class honors from TAILS (Teaching Animals and Inmates Life Skills) just four months after enduring nearly fatal abuse. Rescuers were stunned that despite dehydration, malnutrition, skin disease and internal and external parasites, the young pup still acted loving and friendly when rescuers found him on March 14, stuffed inside a small metal box baking in the Palatka, Florida, sun.

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Grass? | petMD

You and your dog may have something in common you hadn’t considered before: spring and summer allergies caused by grass and other sources of pollen. Devoted dog owners often scratch their own heads as they try to determine why their four-legged pals won’t stop clawing and biting their bodies to the point of causing wounds and hair loss. This self-harm is especially vexing to owners who have had their dogs tested and treated for flea, tick, and other parasite infestations, as well as for food allergies.

Coyote Prank Offers New Perspective On Holiday Pets

The holidays are a popular time for impulse pet-purchases, which gave one woman an open window to trick her husband into thinking she brought a coyote home. Those who want to push their loved ones to finally get that dog or cat, might benefit from a prank similar to the one this mom pulled. Kayla Eby’s Facebook page continues to garner new messages from people laughing about a post from last week. She Photoshopped of a coyote curled up in a ball on a towel. Eby then texted it to her husband and

A Tattooed, Animal-Loving YouTuber is Teaching Thousands How to Save the Kittens Shelters Can't Help

“I don’t even have a cat,” SummerUnicorn10 commented on a YouTube video posted by Hannah Shaw, aka The Kitten Lady. “Why am I watching this?” The answer ­– the Washington, D.C.-based Shaw proves that even non-cat aficionados (We mean you, YouTube commenter Doug Ingram, who owns three dogs) can find joy in neonatal kitten rescue and care. “I have no doubt this is having an impact,” said Shaw hours after returning from the Miami-Dade area where she hosted workshops for the 2017 Animal Care EXPO

How a Woman With Severe Pet Allergies Has Saved Hundreds of Animals — and Counting

And that same inclination is leading Cimini, 32, and her husband Len Cimini, 32, to build new facilities that will lead to the rescue of even more animals through Rancho Relaxo, the New Jersey non-profit she founded. “I remember working non-stop and I didn’t even have $100 in my savings account. I lived on veggie Ramen noodles,” said Cimini, whose houses about 40 animals of different species at the ranch, situated on the border of Delaware. “I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t stop. I just filtered

Two Sheep Pulled from Abuse Both Give Birth to Surprise Lambs at Rescue that Saved Them

Put aside thoughts of the three french hens from the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” and consider the 60 pigeons, 25 ducks, five goats, two cattle and 14 sheep in upstate New York instead. Those are the 106 animals that now have a wonderful life, thanks to the efforts of the staff at Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester in Fairport, New York. They were among the 1,000 neglected animals removed earlier this year from a Westport, Massachusetts, farm that animal welfare officials sai

Dog Injured in Train Accident Dedicates Life to Inspiring Others

As soon as Ericka Kofkin met Zosia she knew the lab/pug/pit mix was perfect – despite having lost her two rear legs soon after a horrific train accident. Rescuers found Zosia – they think she’s about 3 years old – clinging for life near the side of the tracks. She would have died if an animal control officer hadn’t spotted her that April morning and rushed her to Florida’s Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services, where vets immediately took the injured pup into emergency surgery. “Whe

Dog Tired But Thriving: How One Woman Drastically Reduced a Baltimore Shelter's 98 Percent Euthanasia Rate

Jennifer Brause paused for a beat as she gripped the handle of the door leading into the non-descript, metal building housing the Baltimore city animal shelter. She had just left the job she loved as a marine mammal trainer at the National Aquarium to sign on as a consultant for the city shelter that sits in the shadow of the M&T Bank Stadium — home to the Baltimore Ravens. Five years of volunteer work at a high-volume animal clinic and attendance at several animal welfare conferences convinced

Dog with Chronic Injury Saves Owner From Grizzly Bear Attack

When a grizzly bear threw Kate Cholewa, 53, to the ground and jumped on her, his teeth ripping into her head, Cholewa’s black lab mix leapt into action and saved her life. The attack came suddenly during the pair’s regular walk through their favorite place, Point of Rocks Fishing Access Site, not far from their home in Emigrant, Montana, near Yellowstone National Park. “We were walking along enjoying ourselves,” Cholewa recounted to PEOPLE. The Chicago native, who moved to Montana to attend g